Tuesday, March 11, 2008

American Idol Top 12

I'm cross-posting this from my Entertainment Blog tonight, guys.

We're finally down to American idol's Top 12, y'all. It's time to get serious. They're singing Lennon/McCartney songs, which seems sort of difficult to me, so we'll see how the night goes.

Simon seems cranky tonight; I hope he shapes up quick.

Syesha is first tonight, singing Got To Get You Into My Life. She does a fine job, but it's Theme Park/Cruise Ship to me. Ironically, Randy and Paula think it's all right and Simon thinks it's "better than all right." I guess it'll depend on how the rest do...

Chikezie's doing She's a Woman. Do I know this song? Oh my...he's using a blue grass arrangement? Oh, but then it sort of goes southern rock. His performance is good, but I'm not sure what the judges will say. Randy said Chikezie smashed it! Paula and Simon agree, too.

Ramiele Malubay is trying In My Life. She's got such a pretty voice but I don't think she's doing enough with this song. Randy thought it was boring...I was afraid of that. Paula thinks she looks lovely tonight and that it was a safe performance. Simon was bored to tears.

Here comes Jason Castro performing If I Fell. I love that he and Brooke White are breaking out of the mold this season and singing more acoustic, folksy, ORIGINAL arrangements. Randy liked it, didn't love it but Paula disagreed with him. Unfortunately, I didn't understand why she disagreed with him. Simon - boring - I'm not surprised.

Carly Smithson sings Come Together every Saturday night at her bar job. Let's see how she does on American Idol. Holy smokes, I think she owned it. The audience agrees with me. Judges? "Stellar Performance."

Let's listen to David Cook from Oklahoma sing Eleanor Rigby. I'm not being mean when I say that I wish a stylist would get hold of this guy's hair. Hold on, I think they may have chopped a centimeter or two off; maybe they can just do a tiny bit each week. Okay, so the song...I didn't really like it starting out, but it sort of grew on me.

Big Daddy thinks it's too predictable for David. The audience loved it, though. Randy thought it started out rough but then rocked. Paula thinks he's a thoroughbred. Simon thinks it's brilliant, and that David could win the entire show if it's judged by talent alone.

Next up is Brooke White, who is my favorite so far this season. Whatcha got, Brooke? She's singing Let It Be, and I just absolutely love this girls' voice. Love. Her. She seems a little uncomfortable singing to the camera while she's playing the piano, but I don't think it's a big deal. The judges were sort of ambivalent about it...except for Simon, who thought it was one of the best of the night, and a brilliant choice of song. Go Simon! Go Brooke!

David Hernandez is also one of my favorites. Tonight he's singing I Saw Her Standing There...ooh, I hope it's not too cliche. Not off to a good start, in my opinion...well maybe...no, not so much. Wah. Judges didn't like it either. I hope he gets through to try again next week.

Amanda Overmyer is such a pretty girl under that hair and costume. I just realized she reminds me of my cousin...if my cousin dressed up as a rocker for Halloween. She's singing You Can't Do That (Not my cousin - Amanda!). I'm still not a fan, but Randy and Paula liked it. Simon said he couldn't understand most of the words, and Paula actually said, "That's why we like her." WHAT?! We like her because we can't understand her? I don't know if I'm un-hip or what, but holey moley, I still don't get it.

So let's move on. To Michael Johns, who's doing Across The Universe tonight. It's okay. Randy thought it was a little sleepy (?) and Paula disagreed with him. Simon agreed with Randy, and he's frustrated because he thinks Michael is capable of more.

Kristy Lee Cook is singing 8 Days a Week with a country arrangement. I like it, but it's not spectacular. Randy said there were some parts about it he liked, but wasn't sure about the vocals. Paula didn't enjoy it, didn't get it. Simon thought it was horrendous, like Dolly Parton on helium. OUCH.

Ryan's blaming Simon for the arrangement, since Simon told Kristy she sounded best doing country. But this arrangement wasn't just country, it was hillbilly, and that's the problem, in my opinion.

We're finishing out the night with David Archuleta, who's singing We Can Work It Out. In his taped piece, he was very nervous. OOPS, did he forget his words? Looks like the Wonder Kid is having an off night. I do think he's very talented in general, but tonight the playing field is a bit more level, I guess.

Didn't work for Randy, Paula is encouraging as usual, and Simon says it's a mess.

So for tonight? My favorites are Carly and Brooke, with maybe a little Jason thrown in. Going home? Seriously, could be any one of about 5. Ramiele, Amanda, Syesha, Kristy Lee, even Hernandez.

Stay tuned...


Robin said...

Hi - I'm here via Boomama. I enjoyed your observations. I think David A is extremely talented and has an awesome voice. But I think he is just too young for it all. I definitely think he has a future in music for sure. And I'm with you - I love Jason and Brooke.

Misty Dawn said...

If I could pick MY top six right now, it would be - Carly, David Cook, Brooke, Amanda, Michael Johns, and David Archuleta.

It's going to take me a few more weeks before I could pick my top three ;-)

EXTREMELY talented group this season!

Jennifer said...

I've steered clear of your post until I could watch and get mine up. We differed slightly on our opinions this week, but we still think a lot alike!