Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Warning: May be Too Much Information

Tink (6): Mom, this is true; my poop was really standin' up.

Big Daddy: Like we really needed to know that.

Tink: Well, it was.

Scooter: Let me see! Let me see!

Tink: It's already gone Bye Bye.

Scooter (4): Aw, man.

We're a high-falutin' family over here, y'all.


shoeaddict said...

I laughed out loud. For a long period of time...

Jennifer said...

Too Funny. And oddly familiar. Definitely sounds like something that could be said around here. The other day Ruthi yells, "Mommy, I went poo-poo and it's a BIG piece!" And ususally when she's done, she calls me in and says, "I tink!" (stink) It just doesn't get much better now, does it? LOL!

Linda said...

Sounds also like the comments I hear in youth ministry. From the staff!