Friday, December 21, 2007

Advice Forum Friday

Hey, y'all. So glad you could make it over to my little neck of the woods today. I hope your Christmas preparations are going well. I think I'm doing all right, unless my faulty memory has screwed me and I've forgotten something important.

We're hosting Christmas Eve at our house this year, so I'm looking for some menu advice again.

P.S., Thanks so much to Jennifer, WendyDarling, Meredith and shoeaddict for the great suggestions last week. We ended up adding Eggs Florentine, combining Jennifer and Meredith's recipes for the breakfast casserole, and winging it on the fruit salad recipe. Everything turned out yummy.

So. I am not so much a fan of sit-down dinners, especially since our house is so small, so we're having munchies. So far, here's what's confirmed:

Honey-Baked Ham. Yum. (I'll probably have rolls and condiments so we can make small sandwiches. What about a yummy sandwich spread or unusual idea you have for something to add?)

Tamales. Is this just a Texas thing or what? We love tamales year-round, but especially on Christmas. I wish there was a place nearby that had more varieties, but the old-school pork tamales from our favorite little place will be just fabulous.

Fruit Salad. It was so good last Sunday. If I don't post the recipe soon, remind me, 'kay?

Toll-House Pie. Dang, y'all. This stuff should be illegal. But it's not, at least not until Jan 2, so I'm making it, dadgummit.

Fudge. Yeah, baby.

Truffles? If I can find the recipe that's just canned icing, chocolate chips and liqueur/flavoring.

Divinity, if we can find a good recipe and we have time. Big Daddy used to work for a candy company that made the best divinity in the world. He's just itchin' to try his hand at it again.

Obviously, I need some more suggestions for non-sweets. I think we've got the sweets covered, don't you? Especially since my Mom will be bringing Bon Bons, Pralines, Pecan Pie and Coconut Pie.

And if you need advice for anything this week, you know the drill. Just write about it on your blog, link back to me, and post your link down below.

Merry Christmas, People!


WendyDarling said...

Hi, Lori :-) Glad everything went well on Sunday. ;-)

Sounds like you definitely have the sweets covered. The only other sweet I might suggest is "White Chocolate Popcorn". It is SUPER easy, and can be done ahead of time, in case you don't get the divinity. :-)

We used to "Deli wraps" as opposed to sandwiches. It is easy as well, and if you use the thin sliced/shaved meats, like the packages of Carl Budding, it is very in expensive. We use the turkey and ham mostly. You get cream cheese, different cubed cheeses and spray cheese. Whatever kind you like. Lay some (squirt, spoon whatever) into a peice of meat and roll the meat around it. Stick a tooth pick in it and your done. Super easy and you don't have to worry about bread and condiments. :-)

You could also do a cheeseball and crackers. I have several really easy recipes for these and they can be done a few days ahead, wrapped in Saran Wrap and you just leave it in the fridge until time to put it on a tray and circle with crackers.

Also, stuffed mushrooms are really good.

As you can see we are all about the "munchies" at my house. Especially at Christmas. :-) I will stop taking up your comment section now and give someone else a chance. If you would like any of the above recipes, or others just e-mail me. :-)

Jennifer said...

You could also do what Wendy suggested, but use flour tortillas. Spread cream cheese on the tortilla, then put your meat, cheese, whatever on that. Roll them up tightly and then cut into slices. How about meatballs or the little coctail smokies?

I'm doing the smokies - throwing them in my crockpot with some barbeque sauce and grape jelly. Yum!

I'm also doing the velveeta cheese/chili dip with tortilla chips. And wings. We love the tequilla lime wings you can get from Sam's (Costco may carry them too.) I picked up a bag today and can't wait to have them!

You could do mini quiche or mini eggrolls -something like that. And you can buy those premade so you just toss them in the oven - so easy!

Want an interesting appetizer? I think these look good:

dcrmom said...

YUM. How 'bout some spinach balls? The recipe is on my blog somewheres. Cheese and crackers? What the heck is a tamale?