Monday, September 24, 2007


Okay, so I'm not organizing the bathroom, cause I'm busy being neurotic over here. I need some perspective, so please feel free to comment. Just be sweet, okay?

So one morning last week, Tink begged to wear an old pair of Skechers that's still hanging around. I was pretty sure they were about a half size too small, and I questioned her nine ways till Sunday, but "No, they feel good!"

Well, apparently that same day, after the shoes had kicked her butt, she was limping. And the school counselor saw her and checked the fit of her shoes. And Tink told her they hurt. And today Tink comes home with a new pair of Skechers from the school counselor.

Y'all, I am so embarrassed. SO EMBARRASSED. Tink has a brand new pair of Keds in her bedroom right now, and they are a perfect, if loose, fit. But she insisted on wearing those dadgum worn out Skechers, and now I'm sure we're on the "Can't Clothe Their Kids Properly" list.

And no, I'm not gonna call the school and ask what the deal is, because then I'll be on the "WE AIN'T TAKIN' NO CHARITY!!!!" list.

And y'all, they're cute shoes, but OH MY GOODNESS, have I mentioned that I'm embarrassed?
Talk me down, friends. Talk me down.

Oh, and p.s., Scooter just ate a computer disk cover. Welcome to my world.

UPDATED TO ADD: My dad called and provided me with a voice of reason. He suggested I take the shoes back and sweetly, oh so sweetly let the counselor know that Tink has plenty of shoes, thank you, and was just stubborn that day, and we don't want to send her the wrong message by rewarding that with a new pair of shoes, now do we? But thanks. Really.

I'll probably wait until Parent/Teacher conference day, cause I'm a wuss like that.


Misty Dawn said...

I totally agree with your dad! A counselor can certainly understand that kids can be stubborn and that should not be rewarded.

jtcosby said...

I am so in agreement with your dad! I have a post about the time my son was SCREAMING in the middle of a store and just pitching an all out fit and this woman comes up to me and said "I have some gum if you want it" I was like, ARE YOU SERIOUS! So I am so with you on this one! I have 4 stubborn so many different ways! I just made one of them get back into his bed because he was sleeping on the floor of his room...not sure it was a big deal...but he did need to at least go to sleep ;)

Jennifer said...

I would have been totally embarassed too!! I agree with the other comments on what your dad said. Sounds like a very good way to handle it. He must be a smart man! Glad you have him around for advice!

Oh - sorry, but I'm totally laughing at this whole thing - I know it's embarrassing, but it's totally funny too! (Only because it's not me it happened to!!) :o)

dcrmom said...

LMAO!!! Is this PUBLIC school? I can't believe they sent shoes home with her. That's hysterical. I'm with your dad on this one too.

Shel said...

Also being a wuss, I think I would email the conselor with my "concerns" and see what kind of response you get. Then you could just drop the shoes off at the office to be put in her box and not have to have the uncomfortable confrontation. Is the conselor young? She might be embarrassed by the situation as well. And as a former teacher, and a parent of a new kindergartner, I've found that email is a wonderful kind of communication. You can take your time and pick your words, as well as it has the flexibility to get them when it's convenient for you, without inconveniencing them. I use it a lot with Je teacher, and have done it with a concern I took to the principal.