Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's Pink, and It Sucks Dirt!

Y'all, I need a Dyson. Or maybe I just want a Dyson. But either way, LOOK AT THIS! Those crazy gals at 5 Minutes For Mom are bringing us YET ANOTHER Dyson Giveaway. What's really cool is that part of the proceeds from all sales of this vacuum go to to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

And I want it. I want to be the lucky lady who gets this free Dyson Pink All Floors vacuum.

So, enter if you must. No, go ahead and enter. Really. I mean it. Cause my in-laws who are no longer speaking to me bought me a vacuum cleaner just last April. But it's not a Dyson. But that's okay. Really. Go ahead.

And good luck.


shoeaddict said...

They really are still not speaking to you?

Shel said...

I am sorry to hear they are still angry over that incident. Especially after you apologized, and your husband stood up for you. It's their loss.

dcrmom said...

LOL. I could use a Dyson. Hmmmm. I'm sorry your inlaws still have their panties in a wad. That's a shame.