Thursday, September 20, 2007

Emergency Response?

Y'all, I don't know why this bothers me, but it does. I'm not very in touch with "breaking news," but this morning I heard about a huge protest in Jena, Louisiana. Apparently there are thousands of people from around the country, demonstrating in support of six black teenagers initially charged with attempted murder in the beating of a white classmate.

That's not what bothers me. I am neither disagreeing nor agreeing with the protesters, their cause, or their right to protest.

What I have a problem with is this:

Red Cross officials manned first aid stations near the local courthouse and had water and snacks available. Portable toilets and flashing street signs to aid in traffic direction were in place.

Uhm...what? I don't really see where this is a National Disaster. The website of the American Red Cross says this about their mission:

Today, in addition to domestic disaster relief, the American Red Cross offers compassionate services in five other areas: community services that help the needy; support and comfort for military members and their families; the collection, processing and distribution of lifesaving blood and blood products; educational programs that promote health and safety; and international relief and development programs.

Hmmm...I just really don't get it.

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shoeaddict said...

Don't even get me started on the miss use of services such as these in this state...