Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Second Day of School - Traffic Edition

Tink's already in trouble for talking. No big surprise there. Scooter's not listening. Wow. You don't say. Pooh keeps on waiting for the fun at Dirty Laundry Academy to start. OOPS.

All in all, though, I'm so pleased with the beginning of our new school year.

Except for the traffic. Did I mention there was traffic?

Y'all, it is beyond compare. You know how when you go to a concert or a baseball game, and 10,000 people are leaving the venue all at the same time? And you just sit there forever and ever in line? And the jerk in the jacked-up truck cuts you off, and the primer'd, rusty hoopty slides up right at your front right fender and plays chicken with you cause who cares about another dent? Oh, that's right, YOU DO, cause you're driving a decent car, so you let the hoopty cut you off, too.

Okay, so it's like that, except with a bunch of Moms, and the hoopty is a 20-year-old rusted out pickup, and it's broke down, blocking traffic. And everyone acts like they haven't ever picked up a kid at school before. EVER.

Y'all, I am a conformist in situations like this. Tell me how to do the pick-up, and I'm gonna do it that way every time, yes ma'am. And I can feel the anxiety rippling through my body when I see all the people just driving around and pulling through all willy nilly. Cause I'm where I'm supposed to be, dadgum it, and how come all the rule-breakers get to cut in front of me?

Uhm. Can you tell I feel strongly about this? Fortunately, I know from experience that it's only like this for about a week, and then everyone chills out. Including me.

*Is that how you spell hoopty?


SAHMmy Says said...

Too funny! I was just thinking, "So THAT'S how you spell hoopty!" when I saw your note!

shoeaddict said...

Did Tink cry today?

Wendy said...

Ha ha. I soooo feel your pain. Especially all the new parents who don't know whats going on. Yes, I was one last year. It takes a few weeks to get into the swing of things. Hope it gets better soon.

Shel said...

It makes me really glad I live in a suburban area with no sidewalks, so the district has to provide buses. Now if we could just get our darling to get on the bus without Mama escorting her to the bus door, we'd be great. It isn't bad now, but this is Kansas, cold weather isn't far away. As it is, I have to keep track of my shoes.

Jennifer said...

We truly are kindred spirits Lori. You sound exactly like me! It ticks me off to no end when I'm doing what I'm supposed to be and everyone else either thinks they don't have to, or don't care if they are or not. Drives me NUTS! And I mean EVERYWHERE! Ok, it's best for me to stop now and not get started on inconsiderate, rude, and/or oblivious drivers!! Hopefully it will be better for you next week when things settle down!

dcrmom said...

Teeheehee!! I'm just sittin' here giggling. You're a hoot. I do dread getting back to the grind next week. Ooooh, boy!