Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School - Bullet Edition

I've been trying all day long to compose a coherent post about the First Day of School, and so far my brain hasn't settled down enough for that to happen. And since I want very strongly to post about the First Day of School before it's over, I present to you my thoughts, in no particular order.

  • Our morning went well, and Big Daddy's work schedule allowed him to go to both schools to drop off the girls.
  • Scooter trotted right into Pre-K like she hadn't a care in the world. Later, Mom. Get lost.
  • Traffic at Tink's school was an absolute terror.
  • Because of the traffic, Tinkerbell was late to class and Daddy had to wait in the van since there wasn't a parking place to be found.
  • Tink cried when I left her, and it broke my heart. By the time I got to the van, I was crying too. BD wanted to get out and go in right then, but I thought it would make things worse.
  • Pooh's first day at Dirty Laundry Homeschool Academy went well. Even though I'm not as organized as I wanted to be, we are off to a good start.
  • Tinkerbell still talks too much in class. Her Mommy's daughter all the way.
  • Did I mention that the traffic at Tink's school is murder? Cause I had to circle the school for 20 minutes this afternoon, since there was absolutely nowhere to park and wait for the bell. I can't wait till next week when people calm down.

My angels are in bed now and all is peaceful. All in all, the First Day of School was great.


MamaLady said...

I have tears in my eyes thinking of you and your girl crying. And Daddy wanting to make everything better. So sweet.
Glad it was a good day for ya!

Tina said...

You can always spot me on the first day of school...I'm the mum bawling her eyes out while her 5yr old child is rolling her eyes...LOL

Glad to hear the day went well :) And I hear ya about the traffic. We're lucky in that we live close to the school so my babes walk (the 2 older ones catch a bus to high school).

Jennifer said...

OK, first of all - your title to this post FREAKED ME OUT. School - Bullet - not two words I like to see together! Thankfully, that was not the type of bullets you were referring to!!! (Go ahead and roll your eyes at me now!! LOL!)

Sorry for the tears - that had to be tough.

I didn't realize you were homeschooling Pooh - did I miss that? I see your HS blog link - I'll have to go have a peek!

Glad it went well for the most part. Now I'm anxious to see your "bullet" report on Friday after the first week is over!

Jeana said...

Is that header new? I like it!