Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random randomness - Tuesday edition

Y'all, my kids are watching Popeye right now. Gotta love Boomerang.


Tinkerbell has a fever of 102 and a headache and stomach ache.

Last time I took her to the doctor for her headaches and stomach aches, the pediatrician told me that it was either migraines, or she just wanted to lay in my bed. Yeah, we're probably gonna switch doctors.

I'm currently logging her symptoms. I wish I could be that OCD about housekeeping.


I found a piece of property not far from us that's over 5 acres with two houses on it. I would really love to live on property like that, with my parents in the other house. Not because we want them up our hoo-has, though. I just think it would be so convenient. Especially a few years from now when they start needing more help. You know?

However, the houses on this piece of property are REAL fixer-uppers, and although I think we could handle it, my parents do not. And I don't blame them. But I am going to force them to watch lots of house flipping shows so that maybe they'll get inspired.


School starts next Monday and I haven't enrolled Scooter in Pre-K yet, cause I can't find her shot records. I put them someplace really safe, and now I can't remember where. Sucks to be me.


shoeaddict said...

Poor Tink! I have a cold- runny nose, scratchy throat, cough, etc... I'm always sick and I'm quite frankly, well, sick of it!!

I'd love to buy lots of land and build a big ole house. Big living room and kitchen. A huge bathroom so I can have a tub so big I can practically swim in it. And a porch.

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

Love me some house flipping shows...how much fun would that be to get to decorate and pick out all new stuff?!(and then make loads of moolah to boot?)

Jeana said...

"Not because we want them up our hoo-has" Snort.