Friday, August 31, 2007

Advice Forum Friday - It's Back!

Guys, I totally spaced and forgot to post Advice Forum Friday last week. And I know that only two people have ever linked up, but I didn't want to give up this soon. And I'm not.

But I just have been crazy with Back To School and all that that implies, because I am the biggest procrastinator that you'll ever find. But I think we're over the hump now, and I want to keep going with this thing and see if it can gain any momentum.

My PLEA this week is for someone to please tell me how to download a Podcast. Specifically, the Big Boo Cast. I imagine every other person in this corner of the blogosphere has heard this brilliant communique, but this Queen of Dirty Laundry down here in Texas can't figger it out.

Please Help Me.

Also, if you have something you need help with, please go ahead and post about it at your blog, being sure to link back to this post and sign Mr. Linky down there.

Peace out.


Amy said...

Sorry--no advice on how to download a podcast. Just so you know, though, I don't even have sound on my computer, so I've never ever listened to a single podcast. I thought that might cheer you up a little bit. ☺

Tina @ Mummified Times Five said...

I've never tried to download a podcast so if you find out, please post how to do it because I'm interested in finding out :)

Laura said...

To download the podcast, click on the mp3 file next to where it says "direct download" and then select "save." I did it and had no problems. (In case you're wondering how I came across your blog, it was from a comment you made on "It Could'a Been Worse."