Monday, July 16, 2007

The Facts of Life, Part...Three?

I'm wrestling with Tink, and here's what I hear:

"Hey, you got my w**nie!"


Me: Uh, what are you calling a w**nie?

Tink: My bottom?

Well, crap. So I had to have the w**nie conversation, explain that she doesn't have one, and my 6-year-old knew much more about boys' equipment than I realized or am comfortable with. Can't those little Kindergarten boys keep their business to themselves?

I think I did a good job of explaining it all, and yes, I used the proper terms and everything. When Tink looked confused, I even used a small flashlight as a prop and demonstrated how boys go to the bathroom. See my level of dedication?

Then Scooter came up while we were talking, and you should have seen their faces when they realized that Yep, their Daddy is a boy, and he has one, too.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment in what is apparently becoming a serial.


Jennifer said...

LOLOLOL!!!! I'm cracking up here! That is so funny. I tried really hard not to get a visual of you standing there holding that flashlight! LOL!!!! Kids are so stinkin' funny!!

The other day Ruthi was naming the parts of this little stuffed reindeer she has...legs, arms, ears, nose, feet....and then she looked right between his legs and said....and there's his "gina" (she hasn't mastered the first syllable yet). I was SO totally cracking up!! Of course, I explained to her that he's a boy and doesn't have one - I'm sure this 2.5 yr. old REALLY grasped that concept! LOL!

Darcy said...

I stumbled across your blog last week when the post title "California Crisis" caught my eye. Seeing how I live in California, I had to read what the crisis was. And what a crisis indeed!!! I can't imagine being so far away from the situation and not having any control of it. Praise the Lord all is well now. :)

Anyways, I love today's post!! And I love your blog. I have you bookmarked and have been checkin in daily. :)

Kristen said...

No, having given birth to three boys, and been there through the kindergarten year, I can honestly tell you that they CAN NOT keep it to themselves. It's like a trophy or something. Then, during the awkward tween years, they CAN keep it to themselves. Then they hit the teen years...and know the rest. I'm frightened.

Debi said...

Oh, quick thinking with the flashlight and all! Too, too funny!

My son once (well, often) barged into the bathroom. But on this particular occasion he asked me why I didn't have a penis. I told him that that was just one of the differences between boys and girls. He looked at me thoughtfully for a second, and then asked, "Do you think that will be on a quiz someday?" (Where he got that I'll never know...he hadn't even started kindergarten yet.)