Thursday, May 10, 2007

They moved the line and I crossed it again.

Y'all. I wore my slippers into QT today. That's right. I did it. I told you it was a slippery slope!

I dropped the big girls off at school, and had a hankerin' for a 44 oz. Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper with rabbit ice. The choices are Sonic for $2 or QT for $1. So QT it is. Plus I can be a wonderful mother and get my 3-year-old a hot dog for breakfast for another dollar.

So we whip into the QT, maneuver through the hoards of morning QTers' cars, and hop out of the van. And Scooter goes, "Mommy, you wear yours slippers in QT?" Well crap. I look down and think, "Screw it, I want my soda. I'm goin' in."

Thank goodness school's over in two weeks, y'all. Cause who knows where things might end up if I don't get myself straightened out soon.


Jennifer said...

LOL. I did that recently. I had mine on and totally forgot and went to the grocery store in them! Though, mine have rubber bottoms, so they're kinda like outdoor shoes, right? I don't think anyone noticed, and if they did, oh well. At least I wasn't barefoot like a lot of people go around here...ewwww!

Kristen said...

OK, so for a Diet Dr. Pepper, I would totally do it!

Shel said...

Sometimes, you just need a beverage. Been there. You might check your Sonic though, ours has 99 cent larges until either 9 or 11 am, not sure which. It's worth a shot anyway.