Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pooh, Tink and Scooter run breathlessly into the room.

Tink: Daddy, Pooh wants to ask you if she can give us one of those stickers that she got in her birthday card that Grammy and Grandaddy gave her when we had her birthday party at the carousel and all our friends and cousins came and we rode on the carousel and she got the card with the stickers in it and she wants to ask you if she can give us one of the stickers.

Thank goodness we've got Tink here to tell us what everyone wants to say. The rest of us just get to sit back and rest our big mouths while she does all the work.

NOTE: You'll notice an extra chica in the photo above. Number 4 is our girls' Best Friend, New Baby's big sister.

ANOTHER NOTE: You'll notice Tink's mouth is open in the photo above. She takes after her Mommy with the talking business.


Kristen said...

I love it! My kids do that sometimes too.

Wendy said...

Happy Monthers Day!