Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Update

Have you noticed I do a lot of updates? Oh well...

For those of you keeping score, I have not begun typing yet. And I have about 40 pages to do today. Instead of typing, I have been:

Catching up on blogs
Fighting ants
Vacuuming my bedroom floor (to suck up the ants)
Doing laundry
And did I mention fighting the ants?

Y'all, we have had the worst ant problems here for the last two years! In the living room and now the bedroom, we have these big honkers that are as big as fire ants, except they're black. In the kitchen, we have those little tiny ants; are they called sugar ants?

Last year I fought these guys valiantly with orange oil and baby powder. I just can't spray poison all over my house that has five humans and two dogs in it. I just can't. So I sprayed the orange oil everywhere but the floor, and sprinkled baby powder on the carpet. Both of those were "natural" remedies I found online. They didn't eliminate the ants, but thinned the herd a bit.

Well. The latest invasion is almost exclusively on my bedroom carpet, and I can't find where the little suckers are coming from. And I can't find the baby powder, and I don't want to spray orange oil on my carpet, because I think it stains. So I've been spraying Bath and Body Works body spray on them. And Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer, Orchard Garden scent. Not working so great.

Any ideas?


Wendy said...

Oh, I wish I knew what to tell ya! I have no ideas. I hate those little buggers even though they are not too harmful- annoying!! When I was little one of the houses we lived in had a horrible flying ant infestation. Talk about disgusting!!

Redneck. Diva. said...

I've read that ants can't digest cornmeal and you're supposed to leave little piles of it where you see the little buggers. Supposedly, they take it to their nest, eat it and dieeeeeeee. Supposedly.

My mom has fought ants for the last 3 years. She has found that the Windex with vinegar kills 'em on the spot and technically isn't "poison."

We've got 'em this year, but only in my kitchen and they're coming in through the window - so I just drown the window in poison twice daily. I have no qualms with mass quantities of chemicals!! LOL

Our Peculiar Life said...

we are using this nifty "ant hotel" from and it is helping a lot!!