Tuesday, May 08, 2007

American Idol Final Four

Ladies and Gentlemen, we regret to inform you that Miss Tinkerbell of Dirty Laundry is unable to join us this evening with her renowned commentary, due to getting too big for her britches after her Birthday Weekend Extravaganza.

In other words, her butt is in bed.

We are, however, very fortunate to be joined by the lovely and elder Dirty Laundry sibling, Miss Pooh of Dirty Laundry. Without further ado, I present Pooh.

Okay, now let's get down to business.

People, I love me some Bee Gees. I'm dating myself here, but I was so in love with Barry Gibb, and prior to his untimely demise, Andy Gibb. Both their music and their looks. So. But does Barry look like he's got dentures or something?

Melinda Doolittle
Love You Inside and Out

I Love This Song. And I love the way Melinda is singing it. Oh. My Gosh. I think every one of the judges are wrong, but it may just be because I love the song.

Do her jeans have to be that tight?

Pooh: I love this girl!

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

I loved this one, too. And what the heck was Paula talking about? Sounds like she's trying to make sure Blake stays in this week, so she's just making up crap to criticize on the other contestants. I Loved It.

You Should Be Dancing

This one is a little too "techno" or whatever for me. I don't know all those trendy terms, but you know what I mean. Randy's right - that much beat boxing wasn't necessary or welcome in this song. Paula's also a little right - he does have a talent. In my opinion, though, I'm not crazy about it in excess.

Pooh: I love Blake! (She's been listening to her little sister a bit.)

This Is Where I Came In

Love the rainbow lights on the stage. That's about it. He's more talking than singing at times, and I'm just bored.

Paula's crushing on Blake, and she's afraid he might go home this week.


I'm a big retard, cause I can't even remember the first song she sang. I just know that my notes say, "Why didn't she sing it in the higher range like Barry suggested? It wasn't bad. A'ight."

Okay, I cheated and looked at BooMama's - it was You Should Be Dancing. Yeah, gotta have some high notes in that one, KiKi.

Pooh: Good.

Run To Me

It was great when she wasn't yelling. Very sultry.

Pooh: Inappropriate. Inappropriate dress, because we can see half of her boobies.


I have a confession: I don't like dresses with jeans. Reminds me of when I was young and visited an orphanage in Mexico in the winter. The girls had to wear dresses all the time, but since it was so cold, they wore pants underneath the dresses. And since it was an orphanage, many of the clothes were ill-fitting and didn't match.

There, I've gotten that off of my chest.

To Love Somebody

I love this song. She sang it good, of course, but she didn't have to go all crazy at the end.

Pooh: Wonderful

Woman in Love

Is she wearing a prom dress? This is not as good as her first performance, and it should have been better.

I agree with Randy - it was pitchy.
I also agree with Simon - it was pageanty.

Random Thoughts:

I get so tired of Ryan trying to cut on Simon. Although I'm sure it's somewhat scripted, he just appears petty and mean, sort of Little Guy Syndrome-ish.

I also do not like it when the contestants hold up their fingers to correspond with the phone number to vote for them. Childish.

Pooh is much more diplomatic than Tink. "They're all my favorite!"

Who was best? I know I'm boring and predictable, but it's Melinda for me.

Who's in danger this week? Blake or LaKisha.

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I don't even watch AI and I loved reading this! Thanks for getting me all up to date on the happenings.