Monday, March 12, 2007

Let's make it easier, shall we?

I've been trying to visit and respond to all the nice people who stopped in at my blog during the Ultimate Blog Party. Sometimes it's easy to respond to folks, sometimes not so much. I was reminded of a post I read a while back about Blogger profiles, etc.

I will not go into the details here, because I am not good at that kind of thing. What it amounts to is, look at this, look at that, check this, check that, e-mail, e-mail, I want your e-mail. I was able to follow the directions, but if I tried to instruct someone else, I might self-destruct. What I will do is implore you to go here, read the suggestions, and make it a little easier for me (oh, and everyone else who uses Blogger) to reply to your lovely comments that make me squeal.

Thank you for your cooperation. Yes, your comments make me squeal. Is that weird?

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