Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Mother's Eyes

I installed Cozi on my computer yesterday, and one of the features is a screensaver with collages from my photos. I've had family photos as a screensaver and wallpaper before, and I have this tendency to just sit and stare, especially at my daughters and nieces. I could look at those photos forever and never get tired of them.

I am just taken by their beauty and cuteness and just the wonderfulness of them. Maybe it's because in a picture they are still and not talking. Back to my point . . . to me they are the most enchanting and beautiful girls in the world, and I expect everyone else to agree with me. But I know they don't. I mean, sure, people think most kids, including mine, are cute, but not to the extent that a mother does.

And so every day I realize another aspect of the depth of my love for these incredible creatures. To me, no one compares.


EEEEMommy said...

They ARE beautiful! I have three girls about the same ages with a 9 1/2 year old boy on top. It's a good life!
I enjoyed reading through some of your entries and will be praying for wisdom about whether you should pursue another adoption or foster care! I wonder if God has plans for either of those in our future.
It's nice to "meet" you!

dcrmom said...

Those are some seriously cute little girls. I was just going to comment to that effect, totally unprecedented, on your first post, and then I saw this post. Too funny.

Lori said...

Thanks for stopping by, guys, and for complimenting my darlings. We all know that's the way to a mom's heart!

amanda said...

Isn't it so true? It seems like no one could possibly understand the depth of love I have for my daughter. But that's how everyone feels about their own...but that said...your girls are amazingly cute! ;)

Kristina@Cozi said...

Hey there! It's very cool that you're enjoying the Cozi Collage feature. I work with Cozi, and wanted to let you know that now you can press "S" when you see a collage you particularly like and e-mail it to friends and family. If there's one you're particularly proud of (as you should be - those are some cute girls you've got!), you could even enter it into our "Top Collage" contest. Check out our blog for details.

shoeaddict said...

I've been waiting for pics. Cute, cute,cute