Thursday, March 22, 2007

Leaving well enough alone

Scooter has been going through a "phase" lately, where during the day she just seems discontented and unable to focus. I know that it's boring for her when her sisters are at school, but we've always had a neat little routine, where we read together, she plays in her room, she watches Noggin, she takes her nap, she eats lunch, and the day seemed to go pretty smoothly.

Lately, though, she doesn't seem to know what she wants, and doesn't stick with anything longer than 5 minutes or so. And with her big sisters home for Spring Break last week, Miss Scooter Pie was not happy about having to take naps. It was a battle all week long.

So this week we've been trying to get back into our "rut." Hey, there's another WFMW. Ruts. Works for me.

Anyway, yesterday my darling was just behaving so sweetly, and I like to do special things for her when I can, so I told her that instead of taking her nap in her room, she could lay in my bed and watch a Bible Story. Do you know that she rocked and rolled and played and whined and you would have thought I had her in time out. Finally, an hour past her naptime, I just sent her on to her bed, where she promptly fell asleep.

Should have quit when I was ahead. :)

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