Saturday, March 10, 2007


Today New Baby peed on my bed. Now I know that's not a big deal for most mothers, but remember I've never had an infant.

I knew that sometimes baby boys pee in people's faces and stuff, but for some reason had never thought about baby girls doing anything like that. But then I heard that New Baby has peed sans diaper several times, so I was sort of expecting it.

So I'm changing her today on a pillow on my bed. I take off her diaper, wipe her little cute hiney, and then when I pick her little legs up to stick another diaper under there, everything's wet. So she's also a quick little bugger. Cause I swear I was just under there and everything was dry, but her little booty's drippin'. So I was christened.

At least Boy Toddler didn't do it. He's two and got the potty down proud.


Wendy said...

Lori- Oh no! I am sorry to say I could not help but giggle. That happens I guess... sounds like you handled it calmly, and you were "christened", right? Maybe she was getting it over with now. Is this the baby you are watching now?

Lori said...

Yeah, we handled it fine. And it was hilarious. Tink was with me, and I just picked up the baby and Tink took pillow and blanket and all to the laundry room.

I'm watching the baby and sometimes her big sister a few days every week.

Jess said...

Little girls?! Babies?! You just never know what you are going to get. It just best to accept from the beginning that life is all about the unexpected. Blessings!!

Jess said...

Had to comment again. First, I wanted to make sure I had read the "no infants" right. That could have been very embarrassing, if I had just thought I had read it.
I have to tell you. You are one of my new heroes. Adopting out of a foster/adopt agency is amazing. My parents were foster parents when i was growing up. In fact, I have 5 younger siblings that all came out of the foster care system. We had our share of twos and threes.
I just think you are brave and amazing. Those girls are obviously very blessed to have you and your husband.

Lori said...

Jess ~ Yeah, we have three girls who we adopted through foster care when they were 20 mos., 3 and 5.

I'm currently babysitting for our friends who have a baby (foster) and 4-year-old (bio). They also had a toddler just for the weekend (foster).

Clear as mud?

Lori said...

Jess ~ and thanks for the compliment. Some days I don't feel like I'm doing it all that well, but I know all moms feel that way sometimes. Just gotta take it day by day.