Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All My Children

Yes, the soap. I can't help it; I've been hooked on that show on and off since Jr. High. Right now it's pissing me off.

First of all, have they gone to a different kind of film or camera, or are they letting monkeys operate the cameras now? Because there's a completely different look to the show, and sometimes the camera wiggles like a new camcorder owner is operating it.

Second of all, I am so MAD at the stupid Kendall/Zach/Dixie/half of Pine Valley story line. I like Kendall, and it was so nice to see her finally find some happiness (all two days of it) with Zach. And nice to see him smile, because yowza is he fine when he smiles. I think brooding is overrated. And most of the guys in Pine Valley brood. A lot. Except for Jamie Martin.

Anyway, I admit that I was a sucker for the Dixie/Tad thing in the past. True love and all that soap hogwash. But after the whole David business, followed by her "death," I am so over Dixie. Can't freaking stand her. At all. I mean it. Especially now that she's set her sights on a married man. Who is obviously not blameless. Who is just so ridiculously chivalrous and stupid and aaaggghhh...

Let me pause right here to say that I KNOW IT'S PRETEND. I KNOW IT'S HOLLYWOOD. So I guess my point is that I can't stand the storyline that the dumb butt writers have come up with. I'm not really mad at Dixie or Zach or Kendall for putting up with the bullcrap. Because there is no Dixie or Zach or Kendall. But it sure is fun to pretend that it's real for a few minutes every now and then. But not when everyone's miserable. So it's the writers that I'm mad at, for making one of my guilty pleasures not so pleasurable any more.

That is all.

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BigGirl said...

Ok so I used to watch this show back in the day when Tad and Dixie first got together and were happy... now I'm a Y&R girl... everday on the tivo... anyways.. I did catch a few mins of AMC the other day and I saw that camera thing you were talking about. It sucked. Sorry about that. Maybe enough people will hate it that they will go back to the way it was.