Thursday, October 29, 2009

Standin' up for the Depot!

I thought I might present an alternative view to the Home Depot "controversy" in the news this week.

Big Daddy has been employed by Home Depot for over two years and we have found them to be a generous and fair employer. An employer with rules.

For the first few months that BD worked at HD, he wore whatever ball caps he chose. At some point, it was brought to BD's attention that he was to wear Home Depot-approved ball caps. So BD complied with his employer's dress code.

Until this month, all employees at HD had been allowed to wear shorts year-round. Effective October 1, they were notified that shorts would no longer be allowed until Spring. So my husband complied with his employer's dress code. He whines, but he complies. :)

We're well aware of the rule that prohibits personal buttons on the work apron. Heck, that sacred apron isn't even allowed out of the dang store! And the buttons? Home Depot buttons, baby. NASCAR buttons, FROM HOME DEPOT. Vendor buttons, FROM HOME DEPOT. Reward badges, FROM HOME DEPOT. I think you get my point.

Oh, and? BD reads WHATEVER he wants to in the break room, and that includes his Bible.

To be honest, y'all? I don't think it matters what the guy's dadgum button said. It could have said, "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!", "I Love My Wife!", or "Star Trek Forever," and it would have been out of compliance with the company's dress policy.

Are people seriously saying that because the button was patriotic or Christian that it should have been allowed, regardless of the rules? Seriously? It's not like it was a cross on a chain around his neck, or a yarmulke or some such religious icon. It was a ding dang pin-on button. And his boss told him to take it off. And he refused.

Insubordination is grounds for termination.

I'm just gonna say that I don't use my Christian beliefs or love for my country as an excuse to break rules. And I don't like it when other people do, either.

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Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Seriously, he's not allowed to wear shorts until spring in TEXAS? Crazy corporate policies. :P

I hadn't heard about the other Home Depot story until now, but, I must agree, the former employee and his lawyer seem to be exploiting the religious aspect of the termination for their own publicity.

It makes me sad that this is what's in the news, when so many people are truly persecuted for their faith.