Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve Eve

Hey, is your Christmas week going well? Ours is pretty great, even though I forgot I was supposed to babysit today. YIKES! Thank goodness my friend texted me last night to remind me.

Have I told you that Big Daddy's birthday is December 25? Yeah, so when he was a kid? Not so great. Now, however? Dude cleans up. CASHES IN. Rakes in the loot as well. People feel sorry for him, so he gets birthday gifts from ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE. Even my brother who hasn't bought me a Christmas gift in like 5 years.

It's okay, though. Seriously. It's fun spoiling him for a couple of weeks every year. This year he's gotten humpteen pair of new shoes, and a little old 52" Sony Bravia. Spoiled, I tell ya.

What's going on in your little world today?

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Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Happy birthday, Big Daddy!!

It's actually kind of refreshing to hear that he gets birthday presents. Mostly I hear stories about people who were born near Christmas and they get lots of birthday/holiday gifts.