Sunday, September 21, 2008

How's this for some irony?

So I haven't been sleeping very well lately. I've had just some VERY vivid dreams about stupid drama that's been imposed on our lives, as well as various aches and pains that keep me from getting good rest.

Last night (and early morning) I woke up several times, the last time being around 5:00. I remember thinking, "Wow, I sure wish I could sleep in, instead of getting up and getting ready for church." I do that a lot in the middle of the night; plot and scheme ways to get some more sleep. My plans rarely become reality.

Around 6:00 I woke again to hysterical crying, and stumbled into my bathroom to find Scooter throwing up. I tended to her, gagging myself, because that's how I roll, all the while thinking, "Hey, I bet she's gonna have to stay home from church."

But y'all, my scheme wasn't about wanting to skip church; it was just how to get in some more sleep. So now I'm awake, an hour early, tending to a sick kid, AND I don't get to go to church.

Explain to me how that's fair.


beckyjomama said...

That was our Sunday last week - only Hubby was the one who got to stay home from church 'cause I was already there when she woke up pukin'!!!

Good luck - hope everyone feels better soon:)

binks said...

Did you at least get a nap?

Maybe you could institute nap time in your homeschool routine.

Milehimama said...

Hey Lori,
I tagged you for a meme!