Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm just a mess.

So we're having some people over tonight, and I have house cleaning to do in preparation for said guests. We actually spent last night in the living room, fine tuning and moving things around, so I have less to do than I thought.

But. I still need to make a sweep through the kitchen, because we are clutter bugs over here and there's crap sitting on every surface. All the dishes are clean, but the groceries? They are all over the place.

I haven't been very motivated to do anything yet, but I'm not worried about it because I'm a last-minute girl and I typically get 80% of my list done in the end. And since my goal is usually absolute perfection, 80% is great.

Hey, Lori, will you get to the point please? Cause we'd like there to be a point.

Fine. Here it is. Big Daddy's gone and I'm sitting here watching HGTV, trying to get inspired to attack the kitchen. I know when he gets home he's gonna wonder why I haven't done much. Or anything.

And then I start getting a migraine headache. You know what my first thought was? Oh good, now I can tell him I haven't done it yet because of the migraine and I won't be lying.

Y'all, I am clearly insane.

Let me clarify that my migraines are minor compared to the misery that most people with migraines endure. But still, I can't see very well and when I bend over my head feels like it might explode just a little.

So I get a migraine and instead of being sad or upset about it, I'm just glad I have a reason to lay around. Oh! OH! And I take time to write a blog post about it, too!

Don't you think I'm just rip roarin' crazy?


binks said...

Crazy, no. Funny, yes. And please, can you get out of my head? I too have a getting motivated problem, especially when it comes to cleaning or laundry - I call myself master procrastinator. And don't even get me started on clutter. You are not alone! Hope your head gets better and your get together is stellar.

Tara said...

Okay, two words. Commercial breaks. Do you know what you can get done during a commercial break??? TONS!!!

I was a nanny before I was a Mommy. I used to watch TV all day long, yet the house always looked better than it did when the parents left. I worked my fanny off during those commercial breaks! :) And my best girlfriend and I used to watch ER every week together. During the commercial breaks we'd make a mad dash to her kitchen to clean and then dart back to the TV when we heard our show coming back on. By the end of the show not only did she have a clean kitchen but we'd worked off whatever junk we'd eaten during the show!

beckyjomama said...

Saying that you were crazy would be admitting that I am crazy ...

So, ummm, no - sounds PERFECTLY sane to me!