Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So hey, I'm still around. Just a bit weary. I think I may have hit a wall this afternoon; it was eerie. How do you spell eerie? Spellcheck says I spelled it right, but it looks weird.

Oh, and by "hit a wall," I mean reached the end of my rope. That's two cliches for the price of one, y'all. And does anyone know how to do the accent on the e in cliche?

I know that there are moms all over the dadgum place who work much, much harder than I do, so I feel guilty when I feel tired or overwhelmed.

But I do. Feel tired and overwhelmed.

Today I took Scooter to school, came home and got the other 2 girls (who were with Daddy).
Drove by my parents' house to take them some ribs that BD smoked. (YUM)
Went to get the van checked out by an insurance adjuster.
Took the check to the bank. (YAY)
Made an appointment for tomorrow to get a repair estimate.
Back to get Scooter at school, and then home to meet Toddler That I Babysit. By Noon.
The girls played for about an hour, and then Big Daddy came home for lunch. None of the girls liked what they were given for lunch. (TOUGH LUCK)
Sister of Toddler will be here in about 20 minutes (YAY - seriously YAY), and I'll have them both until about 5:00.
At some point I have to do hair and makeup, because
I have a church board meeting from 6:45 until who knows when, and then home. (BED) (YAY)

I do have downtime while the kids are playing and whatnot, but I'm extraordinarily sensitive to the chaos right now. And my Scooter does not know how to play without making VERY MUCH noise. Neither does Tink, for that matter. And my living room is 17 x 19 and they're both 2 feet from me.

Go figure.

But you know what? I'm thankful that I have all three of my children. I'm thankful that they're healthy. I'm thankful that I am able to be home with them instead of them spending 8+ hours a day with other caretakers.

How's your day going? What's the best thing about your day so far?


Jennifer said...

Girl - you do NOT have to feel guilty. You work hard as a mom too, and we all have days where we feel like that! I'm not having a much better day myself! And if you happen to make it over to my blog, you will laugh when you see my title! However, I haven't finished it yet, so it's not posted yet, but it will be shortly!

Good for you seeing the silver lining though. And I hope you have a nice, restful night and wake up refreshed tomorrow and have a better day!

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Sorry you're having a rough time. Sending (((HUGS))) your way. Sometimes it's just one of those days--even when one of those days lasts all week!

Oh, and to get the é, just press ALT+130 on your number pad. :)