Thursday, May 01, 2008

Not Crazy Today.

Hey, I'm still alive.

And I haven't run screamin' down the street or anything.

You know what? I think it's hilarious when people say skreet instead of street and skrimp instead of shrimp. Cracks me up every time.


Here's what's great today.

Big Daddy realizes I'm having a rough week, and he's been oh, so helpful and sympathetic.

Things are busy but smooth - you know what I mean?

I'm sitting here watching these girls (my 3 plus 2 extras) playing dress-up - they're sharing and caring and all that wonderful crap. "Cinderella" was dying and she hit her head on a boot; everyone laughed their butts off. The big girls are helping the baby put on pretty dresses and crowns and they're having such a great time.

Well, Scooter's in Time Out cause she won't stop taking things away from others. But still.

Not-so-great stuff:

I've got to find a roofer and finalize our insurance claim from when 800 tons of hail fell on my house.

Oh, and also get an estimate on my car which was next to the house when said hail fell.

It's time to get new cell phones, but I can't decide which ones to get. And Big Daddy gets a discount through his employer but it's harder'n heck to figure it out.

Yeah, I want a PDA phone with a full keyboard so I can text (yay, me, for catching up with the times!) and keep my calendar on the phone instead of carrying this big old honkin' DayRunner deal in my purse. Except I can't figure out which one to get.

Oh, and I have the sinus/allergy/whatever attack from hell. That's right, hell. Not heck but hell. Because what is occurring in my head is most certainly straight from Lucifer's Resort Hotel and Casino.

So, to recap.

Big Daddy
Cinderella whacking her head on a boot.

Hail Damage
Phone Decisions
Attack on my nasal/sinus business

That's not a bad split, huh? You could really help me out if you recommended a phone to me, preferably with a QWERTY keyboard.



Jennifer said...

Well, looks like the good is outweighing the bad - that's a GOOD thing!

Yuck on the sinus stuff - have you tried doing the sinus rinse stuff? (Have I asked you that before?) I'm telling you - it's amazing, and I wouldn't be caught without it on hand anymore. Changed my life! (And I'm not kidding!)

Good luck finding a phone - I have no clue about all that stuff!!!

Shel said...

If you do files and stuff you will want to have available on the PDA get one that has Microsoft Word. Not all do, we found when my husband got his a year ago. We had to work to find one. He uses it for school and wanted Microsoft Office programs to transfer to both PDA and laptop. Excel, Word, Outlook etc

Tara said...

No idea on the phone. Mine can only make and take calls as far as I know. But, if you're wanting to read another mommy's funnies, can I request that you check my post from yesterday? We had a heck of a day.