Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Monday, Monday

I love that Big Daddy's days off are Sunday and Monday now. Obviously, working every Saturday presents its own set of problems, but on Sunday nights, when there's no Getting Ready For The Week going on, it seems worth it to me.

So yesterday we finally made it to the YMCA to "work out."

And I put it in quotes because I doubt that many people would consider what I did working out. But I did it, and that's what matters, I guess.

I did one mile on the recumbent bike, and I must be a big old weirdo, because you know what started hurting, y'all? My FEET! My stupid FEET! My legs were sort of tired, but they could have gone another mile at least. But my dogs? They went on strike and refused to peddle another minute. So I couldn't even do treadmill or elliptical, either.


Then yesterday afternoon I had a doctor appointment at 2:30. I got there at 2:15 and y'all, the dadgum waiting room was packed. The receptionist told me the doctor was running behind by about 45 minutes.

No problem at all. I'll just wait in the car and read my James Patterson book. Cause I am all about the popular fiction, and it takes me forever to read a book these days since I only get to read in the restroom.

For the record, pre-children I could read a good book in 2 evenings, MAX. Sitting on the back porch, chain smoking. Now you know one of my deepest, darkest secrets. Smoking on the back porch. And liking it.

But I stopped, so don't quit me, okay?

Anyway, where was I? In the doctor's office parking lot, reading Mary, Mary.

When I went back into the office at around 2:45, No One Had Moved. The waiting room was still full, and the receptionist apologetically asked me if I wanted to reschedule. Sure, no problem.

And as I got back into my car, I realized that I was not one single bit irritated by the fact that I spent almost 2 hours driving 20 miles round-trip and sitting in the doctor's parking lot, for nothing. Know why?

Cause I was ALONE. Which is something I rarely am. I listened to the radio, uninterrupted. I read my book, uninterrupted.

It was a great day.


Amy said...

Ba da, ba da da da

Amy said...

Alone is a wonderful thing. My single friends don't get that--heck, I didn't get it when I was single.

Once a week or so my wonderful husband sends me off for an evening by myself.

Bliss, absolute bliss.

Redneck Diva said...

Alone time is not truly appreciated until you have children. I love those little boogers to pieces, but man, do I enjoy them more when I've had some "me" time!