Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hand-Me-Down Hazard

You know what, we LOVE hand-me-downs here at the Dirty Laundry house. With 3 girls to clothe, I never turn down an offer of used clothes.

But there are drawbacks.

First of all, there's always that sort-of-cute item - skirt, pant, shorts - that hangs in the closet for a year with nothing to match it. I search and search for a matching shirt, matching shoes or whatever, without success. But it's cute, so there it hangs, mocking me.

Hate that cute skirt.

Next - and this is what prompted my post this morning - is the shirt that I can't stand, but it was free, so we keep it. Without fail, this becomes some one's favorite shirt, and I cringe every time they put it on.

I know - I need to just sneak it into the rag bag when no one's looking, but I have an overactive guilt gland, which prevents me from sneaky acts.

Unless I'm at my wit's end, and then all bets are off. So look out, purple stripe shirt with glitter threads. Today may be the day of your demise.


Quirky said...

What if you made the offending purple shirt into something else? Like a hair scrunchie, or a Barbie outfit, or a cape for a stuffed bear? And if that doesn't work, bleach or something could "accidentally" fall on it. I lost more shirts to bleach accidents when I was growing up.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was effectively weeding out these 'mocking' articles of clothing a while back by sacking them up for charity..but they won in the end - they're crowding my trunk to this day..


Shelle said...

hahaha! My kids have those shirts...I also have great FREE finds with nothing to do with them, until I give them to someone else...sucka's!!! :) Anyhow...wanted to check out your post off of BlogHer fun!

Redneck Diva said...

The rag bag isn't even safe here - mine will dig 'em out!

A few years ago Ab ended up with a shirt with a Bratz-looking girl on it that said "Flirt". I loathed that shirt because my nine year old was NOT A FLIRT and tried diligently to get rid of it, couldn't figure out why it kept ending up ON her. She was digging it out of the trashcan! So the next time it ended up in the trash can I had her daddy spit Copenhagen on it. That took care of it.