Friday, March 14, 2008

Advice Forum Friday - What Do You Think?

Good morning, y'all! It's time for another riveting edition of Advice Forum Friday, that weekly bloggy happening where I ask for your expert advice and opinions.

I do this most Fridays because I am ALWAYS wondering what, my friends, would you do? Does this indicate insecurity on my part? Maybe. Indecision? Certainly. Whatever the reason, I need advice and I need lots of it. Just be thankful that I try to restrict it to Fridays!

So let's get down to business, shall we? If I can remember what I was gonna ask you.

I have GOT to start writing this stuff down when I think of it!

Okay, a couple things.

Number one, I would love to know your favorite bread machine recipe! You can post it on your blog and sign my Mr. Linky, or just give me the whole thing in my Comments section.

Next. Do you make anything else in your bread machine? I've heard of people making all sorts of whacky stuff in there, but I've been afraid to try. Doesn't have to be wacky, of course. Just good.

Side note: Is it spelled Whacky or Wacky? Neither looks right to me this morning.

And finally, I got this big old roaster oven for Christmas, kind of like a Nesco, but not. Do you have one, and if so what kinds of wonderful things do you do in it? I've only used mine once, but I'm looking forward to using it this summer to save electricity and keep my kitchen cooler.

So lay it on me, friends! Enlighten me, educate me and inspire me.

Don't forget, if you need to be enlightened, educated or inspired this week, just post your question at your blog and sign the Mr. Linky right down there.

And by all means, have a great weekend!


Tami said...

I don't have a bread machine but seems to have lots of bread machine ideas. Try looking through here archives. Also, I'm thinking about buying one but I see them at yard sales and thrift stores all the time. Would it be worth it to buy a new one or try a used one first. Just not sure if I would know how to use it if it doesn't come with directions. Love your blog.

Amy said...

Merriam-Webster lists whacky as a variant of wacky, so apparently, either is correct.

I make all my bread by hand, so I'm not sure what would translate well to machine. All Recipes looks like they have a good selection, though. I've found it useful on cooking sites to read through the comments sections before trying the recipe. Sometimes you can get some good ideas for variations or even clarifications when the original is vague.

Kelley said...

I have a Breadman bread machine that I love, but I don't use it nearly enough. I know it can make any kind of dough imaginable - bread, dinner rolls, pizza dough, etc.

The wackiest thing I've ever made in it was strawberry jam. No kidding - it has a jam setting - you just put in fruit and sugar, turn it on, and in a couple hours you have homemade jam! (I'm pretty sure the recipe is in the instruction manual that came with the machine.)