Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Random Observations

I got these shoes. Except they're more tan and pink. I heart them oh, so much.

When researching the shoes for this post, I discovered my shoes are running shoes. Trail Running Shoes, to be exact. All Terrain, actually. That cracks me up. The last time I ran was about 5 years ago, crossing a busy street in Las Vegas.

Please pray that the shoes have magical powers.

It made me very, very frustrated that stores closed early on New Year's Day. I have no problem with New Year's Eve, but New Year's Day? What the heck? They don't close at all for Independence, Memorial or Labor Days. Valentine's Day? Pshaw! Veteran's, Columbus, President's? NO! I don't even think they close for Easter any more! But New Year's Day - when the mode of celebration is watching football and recovering from the night before - oh, we'd better close at 6:00 p.m. I was very fussy, y'all.

I was fussy about the aforementioned store closings because we drove 10 miles out of our way so Big Daddy could use a gift card. What a waste of gas and time!

I am in love with faux knitting. I may cripple myself and no one in my family will ever want another gift from me, but I can't stop!

I have watched The Biggest Loser Australia Marathon for two days straight (while faux knitting). Please pray that I don't become addicted to Fox Reality.

Guy Fieri needs to back off on the spray tan, in my opinion. I tried to find a photo but couldn't. Just take my word for it, the last couple of times I've seen him on Food Network, he's been suspiciously orange.

Have a great 2008, y'all! I've got to go buy some more yarn.


Jennifer said...

You are CRACKING me up!! Let me know if those shoes do indeed have magical powers. Because if so, I am going to need to get me some!!

Happy New Year!

dcrmom said...

Love the shoes! :-)

Milehimama said...

All terrain shoes are great. You can from sloppy wet towels on the floor of the bathroom right over to Barbie shoes and Cheerios in the living room without losing traction.

I was kind of peeved that Sam's Club was not open at all on New Year's Day. We needed to restock after a week of post-Christmas gluttony!

Tara said...

After seeing your post about the faux knitting I spent a Michael's gift certificate on some of the long knifty knitters. They're pretty cool, but I'm still working on a scarf for my friend for Christmas. Good thing her birthday is next week! (In my defense, I did cut my hand so I had to take some time off. I wouldn't want to stab the little hook-y thing in my wound!) Hey, can I ask you how to finish the thing once I'm done??? How do I get it off the loom without it falling apart???