Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Homeschool Humor

Hey, all. Things have been crazy around here; I just haven't found time to post this week. I did read something funny this morning, and I HAD to share it with you.

It's The Bitter Homeschooler's Wish List. Go check it out.

To the list, I would like to add:

To all customer service employees: Please do not assume that it's okay to ask my daughter, "Why aren't you in school?" Seriously. My children have been taught that it's not okay to talk to strangers. YOU are a stranger. If you have a question, address it to me, and I'll decide whether it's any of your business.

I'm really not as witchy as I sound.

Edited To Add: The Wish List was originally posted here.


Misty said...

that's a great addition!
Beings that I am new to home schooling, should this exact occasion arise, I may say that very thing !!

Michael Davis said...

Thanks for the link....we're glad you liked the post.

Michael & Hannah

Nobody said...
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