Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Holy Smokes!

So I'm surfing around the lovely blogosphere and land upon A Gorgeous Blog, where I hoped to find some inspiration in the department of making my home a sanctuary. Because right now it just looks like a tornado hit it.

Maybe putting a vase of flowers on the table isn't gonna quite cut it over here. But it's a start, huh?


Gorgeous Blog flashes on my screen, then immediately goes away.
Computer loses its ever lovin' mind.
Outlook Express creeps ever so slowly across the screen.
Have I mentioned that nothing I do with the almighty mouse helps?
The stoopit computer has lost its ever lovin' mind.
"Wipeout" starts playing.
Really Loud.
I become convinced that I've been overtaken by a virus.
And it's laughing at me.
And playing "Wipeout" to tell me what's currently happening to my computer.
I wonder if this will be a good enough reason to buy a laptop.
And will I be able to recover all the crap that I have stored on this dadgum possessed, wiped out computer?
I'm reaching for the power button, hoping to get there before something starts smoking, when...

Everything calms down and I see that Gorgeous Blog has a Gorgeous Music Player, currently playing - you guessed it - "WIPEOUT."

Overreact much?


Meredith said...

Reason alone NOT to put music on blogs!

I can't tell you the number of times a surprise music player has woken my nursing-to-sleep baby.

Misty said...

i would have freaked out too! and I think this is cause for me to take music off of mine!

Jennifer said...

Funny...but only because it was you and not me!! I know everyone can do whatever they want with their blogs, but I'm not a fan of the auto music on them. Scares me when I forget to turn my sound down and it's late at night. Plus, it's aggravating if I click on a clip they have and I can't hear it because the music is playing. Then I have to search for their player and turn off the music. Not to mention, it makes the page load so much slower. Oh well. If I liked it, I'd have it on mine and I'd be annoying someone! I'm sure something about mine bugs someone! We can't all be happy all the time!
Glad it wasn't a virus though! And I overreact to my computer all.the.time!