Sunday, December 09, 2007

God's Provision

So this morning I'm wandering around the house, getting people dressed for church. I still don't know what I'm wearing, because my clothes on air fluff in the dryer are still wet. I opened the upper cabinet to our fancy dryer, and lo and behold, there's my favorite shirt just waiting for me. I may have had a Hallelujah Moment.

Me: THANK YOU LORD! Thank you for your bountiful provision! Thank you for taking care of Mommy, even in her procrastination. I LOVE YOU LORD! Thank you for taking care of me even though Tinkerbell thinks that I'm crazy!

Tink (6): (Deadpan) Well you are.

Alrighty then.

PLEASE NOTE: Although I may have been more exuberant than usual, my Thanks were extremely sincere. I love my God and the fact that he takes care of me even though I'm a procrastinator.


Misty said...

HA! Love it... If only they knew...

Misty Dawn said...

Gotta love those small blessings! I too get very excited over little things. And, I've been called 'crazy' on more than one occasion too ;-)