Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mornin', people.

So it's 10:12 a.m., and here's my day so far.

6:00 Wake up to potty, decide to stay up and make sure Big Daddy gets up for work. Too often, when I go back to sleep at this time of the morning, I become unresponsive.

I read blogs and research digital cameras.

7:15 Big Daddy gets up - I ask him to go check on Scooter who went to bed with a fever. I haven't checked on her yet for fear of waking the other natives.

7:16 Scooter comes toddling in - NO FEVER!

7:20 Remaining natives come roaring in. YUCK.

I lay down the law - I will be getting into this bed and dozing until Daddy leaves for work. You will be quiet and watch Quality Children's Programming until such time as I arise.

7:25 Pooh gets sent back to her room for playing on my bed

I am unable to doze. Instead I watch WordGirl. Oh Yay! At some point I make oatmeal for breakfast.

8:30 Remind Big Daddy that he has to do his Fantasy Football roster before he leaves for work. Discuss FF with him until he leaves at 8:45.

8:45 I get out of bed and sit down to do my FF roster, Menu Plan and Grocery List.

58 Interruptions ensue. I'm still not dressed, Scooter's not dressed, and I haven't printed out my grocery list yet. I guess I'll shower after my errands.

I did have time to blog about it, though.


Jennifer said...

You know, I was feeling kinda bad for you until I got to the last line. Good thing I wasn't drinking anything, or my monitor would be wet now! Yeah, I laughed out loud!

True though, isn't it? Aren't our priorities great? LOL!

dcrmom said...

Of course! Priorities, ya know. ;-)