Friday, October 19, 2007

Advice Forum Friday - Holey Jeans

All right, my peeps. Time for Advice Forum Friday, that overwhelmingly popular weekly feature here at Queen of Dirty Laundry.

I guess I was a little morose last week, and thinking about giving up, but you know what? I'm gonna keep this sucker going, cause I love asking the questions. And if you want to answer my questions, please do. And if you want to post a question of your own, please do that too. Just remember to link to me in your post, and sign the Mr. Linky down below so we know where to find you.

Here's what's on my mind this week. You may know that almost 3 years ago I became the mother to three dainty girls. Or two dainty ones and a tank, but whatever.

Now even though my girls are dainty, they can wear out some jeans, y'all. And because I thought ripped jeans were in style, I've always just kept dressing them in those jeans even when the knees are worn out and frayed. Because did I mention that I thought it was stylish? But someone made a comment a few weeks ago that made me doubt my choice.

Let me just stop right here and mention that I don't really care about trends and the most current fashions, but neither do I want my kids to look like Little Orphan Annie. I'm not in the fashion loop at all; I buy them classic, simple clothes and shoes, for the most part.

As a matter of fact, often I'm actually resistant to current fashion trends. Take, for example, the color brown. Hated brown for almost 20 years. With a white-hot hatred. Hated brown. One of my favorite things about this house when we bought it was that it didn't have brown trim. And when brown became the new black, I rebelled. I haven't bought one brown thing since it came into style. Until last month. Now that brown is probably on the way out, I've fallen in love with it. Yeah, have you noticed the brown all over my blog? That's what I'm talking about.

How many more times can I say b**wn?

So I digressed big-time there, but my point is, I don't always trust my fashion choices. And here's where you come in. What's your opinion about the holes in the knees of the jeans? Yay or Nay? Is it cool, is it okay, or is it ratty looking?

Let me know.


dcrmom said...

Sorry, but when the knees get holes, they become play jeans. :-) I do love brown. Please don't say it's on its way out!! :-)

Milehimama said...

Hate the holey jeans too. Then you have to wash their knees instead of just their ankles, LOL.

Whatever happened to that 80's look of tying a bandana around the knee? Can you tell I'm always late to the fashion party too? How about a brown bandana?

Buy your girls' jeans at Sears and join the Kidvantage program for free. When they get holes in them, you can take them back and get new ones (same size only). It's the only thing that saves my sanity with my boys! Kidvantage guarantees that the clothes will not wear out before your child outgrows them. And if you watch the sales, Sears clothes can be cheaper than WalMarts!

shoeaddict said...

NAY on the holes. NAY NAY NAY

WendyDarling said...

Holy jeans become play clothes/dirty work clothes.

However, since you do have girls I have an idea on how to recycle those jeans.

Cut them up and make purses out of them. :-) Seriously. I have seen people cut just the thigh area off and then sew up one whole, trim the other, use leftover parts of the jeans and make a strap. Add fringe and beads.

Also, people have cut out just the pockets and done the same thing. You would be amazed at how many bags/purses you can get from one pair of jeans. :-)

Milehimama said...

Or they might like to do this:

Redneck Diva said...

As long as my kids want to wear the holey jeans, they wear 'em. I draw the line at holes in the rear-ends, but holes in the knees, I can totally live with. For some reason, Abby used to rip out the left knee in every pair and Sam rips out the right one. Kady has quite a collection of hand-me-down jeans with holes in both knees! If they ever get to the point they are embarrassed of holey-kneed jeans, I'll buy new ones. Until then, holey, holey, holey.

The Preacher's Wife said...

I'd be in trouble if I nixed the holey jeans. I have three boys so needless to say, we have holey jean issues. I have also rationalized they are trendy..:)

But, what does drive me bonkers are the little girls at school wearing jeans bought on purpose with suggestive holes in them. Are their mommas out of their minds?

I love your blog design by the's awesomely brown (my favorite color):)


SAHMmy Says said...

I would so let my kiddos wear ripped jeans! For the boy, Daddy dresses him up in Rock Star outfits, so they go with that trend. For the girl, holey jeans with colorful tights peeking through would look adorable! I think as long as their shirt and shoes are bright and not worn out, and their hair is combed, it looks cool, not ratty. PS I tagged you for a meme at