Thursday, October 04, 2007

Advice Forum Friday - Dang Fleas

It's that time again, y'all. Time for me to ask your advice about whatever's plaguing me this week, and vice versa.

Right now, it's fleas. On my dog. Little Bear is highly allergic to fleas, and thank goodness it's been two years since he's had any trouble with them. But his lucky streak ended about three weeks ago. At this point, my poor baby is about half bald, bless his heart.

So far I cut his hair to about 3/4 inch, I picked off every flea that I can find, and I gave him a bath in Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. Oh, and I gave him a cornmeal soak to soothe his skin.

The problem is that my poor baby is going crazy from the itching. Any suggestions for something to soothe his skin and/or help his hair start growing back in? Bonus points if it's organic or as non-toxic as possible. Thanks.

Now, what's bugging you this week? Boss driving you crazy? Can't get the soap scum off the shower curtain?

You know the drill:
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Oh, and be sure to give me your brilliant ideas for getting rid of my fleas.


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Amy said...

I understand that fleas don't like lavender. You could try rubbing her coat with some lavender oil mixed with olive oil (or whatever else is in your kitchen).

I don't have any great ideas for growing hair back, but I remember my aunt used to give her dog brewer's yeast (about a tablespoon or two, once a day). It had something to do with his coat, but I don't remember what.