Tuesday, August 14, 2007

WFMW - Fajita Grill

What's working for me this week is that my mom just took me school supply shopping. What a blessing! With Big Daddy changing jobs this month, we're missing a paycheck or two, so things are a little tight until we get over the hump.

But that's not my official WFMW. Today, I'm talking about how I've figured out how to make do with what I have and save energy, all at the same time.

For Christmas last year, my in-laws gave me a giant, red El Paso Fajita Grill. Not something I would have bought for myself, that's for sure. We have a small kitchen - heck, the whole house is little - and although I love kitchen gadgets, I'm finally learning to use common sense when they call to me from the end caps at Target.

But. I got one for Christmas. And I love my in-laws, so I felt guilty about taking it back. So I kept it. And it got stuck in the built-in cabinet in the living room for six months. Then a couple months ago, we were cooking breakfast for friends, and we just did not have enough burners. So I got that Big Boy out and started cooking bacon on it. Perfect. Then I cooked an omelet in the tortilla warmer section, and I thought I was rockin'. Cause I was.

And because we're lazy butts, the Fajita Grillstayed on the counter for the next few days, and so I went ahead and used it again. And again. We cooked hot dogs on it, we grilled smoked sausage on it, and I even toasted buns for Sloppy Joes on it.

We have a George Foreman grill, but the coating is flaking off so we stopped using it. And I've wanted an electric skillet or electric griddle, but this Fajita Grill works just as well for many uses!

So, while I'm not necessarily advocating going out and buying a Fajita Grill, what I am saying is this: If you have one of these guys gathering dust somewhere in your house, USE IT! And if you see one at a garage sale, go ahead and snap it up for a few dollars, cause you will use that bad boy!

Using What I Have - in this case a Fajita Grill - Works For Me! Now go on over to Shannon's and check out all the great tips!

Oh, and no, I haven't made fajitas on it. I've never actually cooked fajitas myself. Funny, huh?

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ashley@twentysixcats said...

Oh I love my Fajita Grill! I am a sucker for those useless appliances and I have too many, but I do like the fajita grill. Actually, I've only used it for fajitas, but I could see how it would be useful for other things. :-) I have a great fajita recipe if you ever do decide to make it. :-)

Jendeis said...

I've never heard of a Fajita Grill, but your post reminds me to actually use some of the gadgets in my kitchen. I think I'll start with the SnackMaster. Mmm, grilled cheese pockets.

Karen said...

I have never heard of a Fajita grill either..but it sounds useful! I have all my "counter appliances" stuck under the microwave in a big cupboard where I can't even use them without unpacking half the cupboard. See why I don't use my little goodies? Although...that last comment does have me hankering for a grilled cheese sandwich. :)

SAHMmy Says said...

I'm always happy when something that could gather dust gets put to great use instead! I decided to "Use it or Lose it" with my breadmaker and found it was actually worth the space!

peppylady said...

sounds like a great ideal

Christine said...

You live in Texas and you've never made fajitas?? : )