Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Super Sunday - Injury Report

Injury report from Sunday's Life Games:

1. One six-year-old Cheerleader with at best an ankle strain, and possibly a fracture. Cause of injury? Big old men falling on top of her while she innocently watched the Tug Of War.

2. Full-grown man with 3-inch gash on his heel. Cause of injury? Playing kickball barefoot in the dark.

3. A bunch of sore folks who thought they were in better shape, and some who knew they weren't. Cause? We're obviously not active enough!

I wish I could show you the photo that J. sent me of her poor injured daughter in the ER. Just tragic.

Y'all, it was still tons of fun, though. Even though I didn't win the Ice Cream Making Contest. But really, I'm over it.

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dcrmom said...

You're hilarious!