Sunday, August 12, 2007

8 Ways Big Daddy's new job rocks + 2 more

Big Daddy started his new job last week, and it rocks. Here are some ways that it is oh, so much better than his last job.

  1. New company treats everyone the same, even if they don't suck up.
  2. New company pays employees for every hour that they work!
  3. Secretaries are not calling BD at home and all hours of the day, "just to talk." Therefore, BD does not get discriminated against when he asks them to stop.
  4. No one screams at and demeans the employees.
  5. Secretaries do not withhold final paychecks out of spite.
  6. In fact, secretaries are actually secretaries, and don't think they're in charge of every dadgum thing.
  7. Big Daddy gets off work at the same time every day, no matter who's mad at him.
  8. BD does not have to take a shower the minute he walks in the door, because he is no longer STANK from sweating his guts out all day long. He can shower WHEN HE WANTS TO!
  9. BD gets to come home to his girls for lunch any time he wants to!
  10. In fact, he just came home for a quick lunch and made his girls oh, so happy. Especially me!

Can you tell we're oh, so happy over here? Yeah, we are.


shoeaddict said...

Well I'm very glad for Big Daddy (that's what I call my FIL)! And for you. I had no idea all this was going on at his job. Where can I read about it on the blog? What does he do?

Amy said...

Yay! Very happy for your hubby and your whole family. Hooray!

Redneck Diva said...

Isn't it wonderful when your man gets a job that values him as a person, not a hunk of sweating, laboring meat? Isn't it great when he likes his job and doesn't come home cranky? Isn't it great that he has a job that pays him? Regularly?

The other day my mom went through Automotive at Wal*Mart and said those poor guys were miserable and she thanked God right then and there for giving Paul a job in airconditioning, with benefits and people who care about him. Then when she told me that I had to stop and thank God right then and there for the same thing! I remember when he would come home nearly sick every night from working in that 130' garage for 10 hours a day and how he didn't have an ounce of energy for anything and oh, how blessed we are now to have him back!!

So, so happy for y'all! ((hugs))

SAHMmy Says said...

Congrats to hubby--and to you--I'm sure all your support helped steer him toward this new endeavor!