Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Money, money, money...no money?

I still want to write some more about our trip last weekend, but right now, I'm going a different direction.

Big Daddy and I, along with lots of people we know, are on very tight budgets these days. In my case, I know exactly what needs to be done to improve our situation, but I don't always do it. But sometimes, I hear or read stories like this, and I just can't understand it.

There are no magic pills; there are no quick fixes. It's just like dieting; we got ourselves here, now we have to get ourselves out.

So, we are about to get zero tolerance on spending over here in the Dirty Laundry household. I may talk about it some here on my sweet little blog, because to tell you the truth, when I'm really committed, I enjoy being frugal. It's kind of exciting to me. Cause I'm a big freak like that.

So, I'm bookmarking articles and posts like this one from Jeana, and I'm gonna get back on the wagon with ordering from Angel Food Ministries, and get reacquainted with CVS and Walgreen, and I am gonna get this crap under control.

As always, I will keep you posted.


Too Blessed to be Stressed said...

Right there with you!!! Ad I can't believe that article how can you want to be out of debt but not willing to do anything to get out??

We have cut back around here!! No extra car, no extra cell phone, no going out on a whim - is it just me or does it cost at least $30 to run quick into Wal Mart for toothepaste =) It ALWAYS does for me!!!

Looking forward to learning on this journey with you!!! Share Share!!!


WendyDarling said...

We love Angel Food Ministries, and it really does save money. :-)

We were raised on a budget, and we are really great bargain shoppers.

I am sure you already know this, but coupons and sale adds are our friends. :-)