Friday, June 01, 2007

Murphy visits the Dirty Laundry Household

These are things that would annoy me today if I were the type to complain which I am not, oh no ma'am, I am not. I'm just making a list is all.

Why, oh why, when I give one of my darling daughters an inch, must she attempt all the miles in the Daytona 500?

Why must same said daughter do her assigned chores half-way, and then swear to buddah that they're complete? "I'm sure, mom, oh yes I am. I checked, and it's all done." "Honey, if I go check and there's anything left on the table (for example), then you'll get a consequence." "I'll go check again."

Why is the most willing helper the one who hasn't learned to do anything properly yet? "Mom, I can bacavuming?" So I let her vacuum, and then one of us goes back over it. No biggie.

Why am I the most tired on a day when I have to get the most done?

Why does Big Daddy always have to work late on Life Group day (which is also payday and banking day), so that he runs in the house just as the meeting starts, takes a shower and joins us? But can't do anything to help get ready?

Well. I am actually in a really good frame of mind, and so far still smiling. Just needed to whine a little is all.

Have a great Friday night!


Redneck. Diva. said...

Whining completely allowed!

It is the nature of children to attempt miles...I sincerely believe it's one of those instances where God chuckles and says, "Hey, you were the one that wanted to be a parent!"

I find it utterly hilarious when I tell the kids I'm going to go check their work and suddenly the room is vacant and I'm just standing there laughing and feelings the wind they left when they flew down the hall.

I got a feather duster just for my youngest. She can stir the dust up real good for me before I go in an do the "real" dusting. I let her vacuum the entryway before I do the living room. She had a purple talking sweeper of her own when she was littler, but seems to think she is SO above that now, lol.

It is the nature of men to be late and useless when you really need them to help out at home. Again, one of those cases where God chuckles, "Hey, you wanted to be his wife!"

Hope the meeting went well!

Wendy said...

I totally feel the need to whine every now and then. And, I feel you on the extra help thing. My little one is the most helpful as she picks us freshly folded piles of laundry to put them away dropping and unfolding all of them along the way. Ughhhhh. You still gotta love her!!

Kristen said...

I totally understand the need for a little whine. That's what blogging friends are for!

Kristen said...

I forgot to mention, thank you so much for offering to help with the Mr. Linky thing. I was going to take you up on it, but then my week got too hectic, and too emotional.

I really appreciate your offering, and if I need help again, I'll know who to ask!

mRs SyLvEr TeE said...

Hey hi ,

for mummy to be whining its alrite! haha.. i remember when i was a young gal my mum would also complain of all the things i would do.. i would lie to her to get her off from nagging on my undone share of the housework , undone homework.. haha.. oh well..