Thursday, May 17, 2007


I'm sitting in here moving things around on my Blogger template, like I do obsessively about once a month. All my sweet angels are in the kitchen eating breakfast, following instructions and not making messes. I hope.

My bedroom door is closed, and Buster does. not. like. that. Because he is on the outside. So here's what I keep hearing:

Click, click, click, click, click (his toenails on the hall floor)
Thud! (his head hitting my bedroom door)

Buster's used to my door being partially closed, so that he can push it open whenever he wants, preferably when I'm standing in plain view changing clothes. But today, I closed it all the way, On Purpose.

It's driving him crazy.

Y'all, I am a little mean, I guess, cause this is cracking me up. He's done it at least 10 times so far.

Click, click, click, click, click (this is my favorite part, cause he's getting a running start)
Whine (this one makes me feel a little guilty. Just a little)

Oh, here he comes again...

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Kristen said...

Too funny! I've done that to my dog before!