Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol Finale Results

Still feeling random, cause I got about 4 hours of sleep last night, but I really enjoyed tonight's Results show, so here we go with some thoughts.

I loved Blake and Jordan in the opening number.

Kelly Clarkson rocked. And isn't her back kind of sexy? In a non-lesbionic sort of way.

Top 6 Guys and Smokey Robinson - I heart that MoTown stuff! The dancing just tickles me, and I thought most of the guys sang good. Sure made me miss Chris Sligh. That guy can sing.

Blake and Doug E. Fresh - I liked this performance; it was so fun! That beat boxing is really a talent, isn't it?

Top 6 Girls and Gladys Knight -
Love Gina's hair and dress.
Why does Haley have to act like a hooch all the time?
Tink: Mom, what's a hooch?
Me: (Looks at BD)
BD: You cracked that egg, now you gotta scramble it.
I was laughing so hard I don't remember what my answer was, but I'm certain it was well-thought-out and mature. Just like the word Hooch.

And Ho. Ly. Smokes. I love the heck out of this song, and there is nothing that could make me happier right now than Melinda, Gladys and KiKi singing the heck out of it. Wow.

Tony Bennett - Meh. Until the end. Then it was A'ight.

Why does Paula have to stand up and dance through the entire show?

Melinda with BeBe and CeCe Wynans - Holy Schmoley, I am totally buying this girl's CD when it comes out.

Carrie Underwood - I'll Stand By You. I like this song oh, so much.

Sanjaya is a joke.

Taylor Hicks - Yeah, baby. Love me some Taylor.

Jordin and Ruben - You're All I Need to Get By. Oh my goodness, don't I love this song, too! Do I sound like a broken record or what?

Bette Midler? Holy crap, what a show this is tonight! She sure does look good for 50++, doesn't she?

Sergeant Pepper. Loved this too, mostly. Ruben might not have been comfortable with it, but the rest of them sang it right. This is pretty much the only Beatles music I like, so I enjoyed it.

Get this: The show must have run late, because our DVR cut off before it was over. So we had to cut to the news to find out who won. Talk about anti-climactic!

So. I think this was the best Finale I've seen so far. I wasn't bored much at all. I will confess to FFing through Gwen Stefani and much of Tony Bennett. But mostly I just enjoyed all the beautiful music. And like I said last night, it really didn't matter who won, because I think they'll all be successful.

Dirty Laundry Out.


dcrmom said...

Great recap. I still haven't watched it yet. But you made me wanna.

SingForHim @ Real Life said...

Oh yeah! Another AI fan! I'm definitely coming to see what you have to say when the new season starts! I'm a total AI junkie!