Wednesday, April 18, 2007

WFMW - Nap Routine

Naps are a tricky undertaking in our house, and there are many factors that must be considered in the scheduling thereof.

Scooter still needs a nap every day, or she gets difficult and cranky in the evenings. However, if she naps too late in the day, it negatively affects her bedtime. Therefore, Scooter's optimal nap time is late morning. Okay, this is a no-brainer and not really the WFMW.

Here's the magic. Scooter loves Caillou. You know Caillou? He's cute and all, but I think he's a whiner and the adults in his life give in to his fits. But I digress.

Caillou comes on at 10:00 here at our little casa. We schedule nap time right after Caillou, and BINGO! Scooter knows that every day after Caillou, it's time for nap. Every day. Rain or shine. Any time we have deviated from this routine, nap time has been difficult. Adherence to the routine = magic!

Here's the proof. Today, New Baby's Mom brought NB over at about 10:15, and NBM and I sat in the living room and talked until she left at around 10:40. After she left, I walked down the hall calling, "Scooter, it's nap time!"

And where do you think she was? In. Her. Bed. Already. When Caillou ended, she went and got in her bed, without me telling her to. And that Works for Me!

Now, I know that the key is routine, rather than Caillou himself. It just so happens that that little brat's show coincides with our nap schedule. Routine is key, yo.

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Jane said...

Now could you tivo that show and vary naptime? My parents listened to a radio show with a theme song at 8. This song became our bedtime signal- the "8:00 song" every night at 8, unless they wanted us to go to be at 7 and then they played a tape just a bit earlier. Like pavlovs dogs we went right up to bed.

Kristen said...

wow, Jane's got a good idea also!

It's good to know that whiny little brat (Caillou of course) is good for something.