Sunday, April 29, 2007

We're back!

We're back! And we had a wonderful time at the mini Marriage Retreat. I've got to get some typing done yet tonight, so I'll just hit some spots here and there, and then elaborate tomorrow.

  • Our hotel was in downtown Dallas, and boy is it sketchy down there! There were homeless people all over, and one of the people attending our meetings actual saw a drug deal go down outside the liquor store across the street!
  • The hotel was nice, though.
  • We met some really great people!!
  • We also met some people who seemed more interested in bitching about their lives and/or kids than listening to suggestions of how to improve things (which was why we were there!).
  • Two drinks will get you pretty happy when you only drink once every year or two!
  • I sure did miss my kids!
  • I still miss Bear and Buster, since our vet that we love isn't open on Sundays, which we don't love. Wah.
  • I get to sleep in my bed tonight!

More tomorrow!

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dcrmom said...

Sounds like a nice weekend!