Friday, April 06, 2007

Only in the Dirty Laundry household

Tink: You saw my....bottom! You saw my....booty! (She so wants to say butt, but refrains)
Pooh: (proudly) It's also called your Booteous Maximum.
Big Daddy: Gluteus Maximus!
Me: (thinking) I am so gonna blog this! And also, didn't Beyonce sing a song about that?


Wendy said...

Very cute! I told Julia tonight to get in bed "NO! I am not going until you give me another wedgie!" NOt one you hear every night... I had given her one playfully a few minutes earlier, and apparently she liked it. Huh?

Redneck. Diva. said...

It's only after years of marriage that the hind end becomes a "booteous maximus." Or at least that was the case with me...