Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol Gives Back (or whatever it's called)

I have just a few comments about tonight's show.

First of all, was Chris wearing a white hoodie with that white suit? I absolutely, positively can not sign off on that. I don't care how hippity hop whatever he is. That's just retarded. And I mean that in the most politically correct and non-bashing way possible.

Next, it was cruel and also mean to leave Jordin hanging like that. I hope they knew ahead of time what was gonna happen, cause otherwise, that crap just sucked.

Loved the Sanjaya smack-downs by the celebrities. A little. Or not at all, since that would be mean of me.

Loved Kelly Clarkson's song, but every time I hear her name, I think of 40-Year-Old Virgin.

I wish LaKisha would smile every now and then. Cause she's gonna be going home soon if she can't connect with the audience.

Tink and Pooh both watched the show with us tonight, and Tink kept calling Blake "my boy I like." She also made sure that Pooh knew Phil was bald "like Daddy" under that cap. For the record, Big Daddy's head is not slick. It's stubble.

I realize that I may have rambled some here. I totally meant to do that.

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Wendy said...

I agree 100%. The hoodies was oh so retarded. I too, mean that in a good way. IT was plain old stupid and looked horrid. The Jordin thing sucked. It was plain cruel. And I loved in every way how they made fun of Sanjaya. I am mean about it, but he was not meant to stay that long in the first place. That Simon remark when Jack Black sang was classic. AND the Simpsons little jig was hillarious.