Tuesday, April 24, 2007

American Idol Final Six

All right. Let’s get going, y’all. I had such a long and eventful week that I don’t even remember last week’s show, so I’m looking forward to tonight. And Tink took a nap so she could stay up and watch, so we have a special guest commenter tonight.

Starts out weak. Seems to me that he always sounds like whoever originally recorded the song. Sometimes I think my ears hear different than others, or maybe I just don’t like his style of singing. Cause the judges and Big Daddy all thought he was good.

Tink: Stuck her face in the pillow.

Get a load of that necklace! And p.s., she sounds great, as usual.

Tink: If Momma thinks it’s good, then I’ll think it’s good. When she said “The Lord”, I liked it more.

I think Blake's pretty hot, except when he makes his mouth into a little “o” – you know what I mean? And he’s working this song so far, even though I’ve never really liked it, At All.

Tink: This guy is better than the other twos.

Is this key too low? Girlfriend is rocking the strapless dress and awesome earrings. Oh, and the song’s coming together, too. Her phrasing is weird, though, “re (inhale) alized.” I have to disagree with the judges here, because I certainly think that KiKi did this song justice. Simon’s right; they’re just comparing her to Fantasia, since it’s a Fantasia song.

Big Daddy: That started out rough, but it got good.

Tink: Well, I didn’t think it’s good. I’ll say it’s nasty. I like it when I hear Lord parts, like the one before.

Eh. I’d like to see some 5:00 shadow on that head. Song is just a’ight.

Tink: Not good. No ma’am. At least I don’t think it’s good, because it said, “It won’t change me,” and that’s just thinking about ourselves.

BD: I thought it was pretty good.

She looks beautiful tonight! I think this is a hard song, but so far she’s tearing it up (that’s good here in the south). Was it really, as Randy said, “the best vocal in six seasons?” Probably not, but it was pretty great.

Tink: Momma, I love this girl! And her lips are sparkly.

I'm not thrilled to death by anyone. Best tonight? For me, it was Melinda. Worst? Sorry, Chris.

Tink: I hope the winner will be the guy (Blake). He’s pretty.


Nancy said...

I know the exact "o" of which you speak and I agree. I much prefer the Elvis lip thing.

Melzie said...

I am loling at your O of Blake and yes that is rather odd. However I agree with Tink on both parts of Melinda (mentioning the Lord) and that Blake is pretty ;) Great minds think alike Tink! I'll recap mine tomorrow. xoxo melzie

Kristen said...

Too funny! I love the comments from everybody.

Your new header looks great. I am trying to get my blog redone here soon as well. I like yours. Very nice.

dcrmom said...

I just said the same thing about the O. Too funny!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Ditto on the "o". Tink's comments cracked me up.

Merci said...

Tink's guest commentor input is hilarious! Great review!