Friday, March 09, 2007

Watch your language.

So I'm driving down the road today, with Scooter in the back seat, listening to the radio and wondering when she takes a breath. Oops, red light, so I come to a rather quick stop.

Scooter: Sh!t !
Me: What did you say?
Scooter: Sh!t.
Me: Don't say that word.
Scooter: Okay.

Now, I love Jesus, but I do cuss some (yes, I stole that from that lady on Ellen). But when I became a Mom, I really, really tried to tone it down. I'm not saying I never slip, but it's pretty rare. Like Crap is my favorite cuss word now. And Scooter also says Crap*. Which is kind of funny to me, but we tell our girls that some things we only say at home. Not sure how that's workin' out. But anyway . . .

I spent the rest of the drive home thinking about a few things: When has she heard me say Sh!t, and how did she know the situation warranted it? Also, I bet I can blog about this. Oh, and I guess I'd REALLY better stop saying Sh!t and maybe even the other ones, too. But I'm pretty sure I'm keeping Crap.

*I'm doing her hair, and it's all in her face, and she goes, "I got all dis crap up here." Sorry, I just think it's cute.


dcrmom said...

Oh, that is FUNNY! Unfortunately I can relate only too well. Great post!

BeckyD said...

My kids love to tell the story...So and so said Sh!t today at school. And I told them that sh!t was a bad word and they shouldn't say sh!t... and well you get the point. They get that word in there as often as possible b/c it's part of the story.

And how often in my day does something happen that I don't think "That's going on the blog" LOL

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Hahah- I saw that Ellen! Didn't she say I love Jesus but I like to drink or something like that? HA-larious!!


shoeaddict said...

I love this little Scooter!!