Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A precious gift

I had the most bizarre dream last night.

I was visiting the home of a blogger that I admire. She and I have never corresponded, although I think we may live in the same area. But in my dream, my family and I were spending the weekend at her house. I was nervous, but looking forward to it, because I really wanted to sit and get to know Admired Blogger and her family. But more people kept showing up, and AB and her family were running around trying to take care of everyone. I felt so guilty because I hadn't intended for all these people to show up, and our wonderful weekend was being ruined.

But. In the middle of this wild and crazy dream, I walked over and had a conversation with my grandmother. My grandmother who passed away over five years ago. My grandmother who was not really herself for almost five years before that. She and I giggled and talked and whispered for just a few minutes, and I'm still warm and fuzzy for it this morning.

Yesterday I was telling my girls just a tiny story about my grandmother, and she must have lingered in my mind somewhere. And so God decided to let me visit with her for awhile. Oh, what a blessing.

And Admired Blogger thinks I'm a stalker nut. Thank goodness it was a dream.


Jeana said...

Okay, now you can't tell a story like that and not tell us who AB is.

Lori said...

Oh, hey. It's you. But in a totally respectful and not creepy way.